Fur Storage

Whats the best way to destroy a fur?

If you guessed not storing the fur correctly - you are right!


Unlike regular clothing, fur needs to be stored properly in the off season.  Failure to do so can harm the fur and require expensive repairs.  In some cases the fur may be beyond repair.


Protect the value of both your fur and the memories that you have by properly storing your fur in the off season.


The cost to store your furs is small compared with the cost of repair or replacement.  Don't take a chance with you valuable fur.


Laurel Furs has on site fur strorage facilities.  In fact, Laure Furs is the ONLY on-site fur storage facility in Tampa.  Large department store storage services ship your fur to Miami or even New York requiring advance notice of 7-10 days to retrieve your coat from storage. Besides the long lead time, do you really want all those hands touching your precious fur?


Laurel Furs offers SAME DAY fur retrevial.  Call in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.  Laurel Furs also offers emergency after hour pick up service for an additional fee.